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Sewers and storm drains have an immense impact on preventing entire cities from flooding. A good sewer system is always necessary for your city as well as your home. Correct disposal of wastewater and stormwater is a must; there are several state and municipal regulations regarding this matter. And it happens to be like that for a reason: neglecting sewer and storm drain maintenance in Miami, FL can cause some serious damage.

Storm drains, also called catch basins, are in charge of removing stormwater from streetways, roads, sidewalks, and other areas. They work by catching stormwater runoff from streets and other impervious surfaces and redirecting it into the sewer system. From there, stormwater goes into the soil or a water body such as a lake or a waterway. If storm drainage systems didn't get rid of the excess water from the rain, the issues would be countless. We are talking about serious hazards such as flooding. That's why storm drain cleaning is so important, to prevent water from causing a profound and negative impact on your property, the city, and the environment.


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Common problems with stormwater

But what are the problems stormwater can cause? To name a few:

  • Flooding
  • Water pollution
  • Drinking water contamination
  • Structure damage
  • Loss of property value
  • Residential septic system malfunction
  • Flooded parking lots

Besides all those issues, stormwater can also have other negative impacts. With constant flooding, a tourist area can lose its appeal, leading to a decreased number of tourists who choose that destination to travel to and spend their money on. That way, many local businesses may go bankrupt or run out of business. In the same way, if there's dirty water constantly present on the streets, the area will begin to develop foul smells. Stormwater tends to carry a lot of debris with it; the city will probably lose its aesthetics which will likely decrease property values. 

The excess of stormwater can erode streambanks; the sediments can cause diverse troubles, such as clogged waterways and water contamination. If lakes or reservations fill up, fish and aquatic animals are exposed to different dangers. Storm drain cleaning helps us take good care of the ecosystem. When you notice a storm drain that needs cleaning, calling a septic service in Miami, is the way to go. A catch basin cleaning prevents stormwater runoff from spoiling the environment. 

Avoiding storm drain cleaning because you're too busy or you keep forgetting about it can lead to one or many of the troubles we just mentioned. Storm drain cleaning is a task that shouldn't be evaded at all; neglecting that duty is putting your family and neighborhood in danger. We're talking about foul smells caused by standing water or flooding, which leads to dangerous and costly structural damages. At Coker Septic, we recommend you check your sewer system to see if it's time for a septic tank cleaning or storm drain maintenance in Miami, FL.

Storm Drain Clog Removal

Storm drains can get clogged after a heavy storm. That's one of the main reasons why storm drain maintenance in Miami, FL, is necessary. Stormwater tends to carry debris, anything from broken branches and foliage to all kinds of garbage it crosses on its way to the sewer system. Catch basins have grates that prevent debris from getting into the pipes and the main sewer system. But once those grates trap garbage, they need to be cleaned, or stormwater won't flow freely through them into the drain. Grates resemble grease traps – and both grates and grease trap cleaning are a must. If it's only leaves or yard garbage, you can simply sweep the grates yourself. But when debris builds up in the catch basin, that may require an experienced sewer technician with professional equipment.

You should schedule storm drain maintenance once a year, at least. If you live in a rainy area, where heavy storms happen more often, you may need to add a few more maintenance dates to your calendar. Our company can schedule your next maintenance appointments for you so that you won't miss them. We also perform septic tank pumping in Miami, which is often needed when stormwater floods a yard or your septic tank area.

Minimizing Storm Water Pollution - A Combined Effort

Water pollution is a serious matter. Stormwater runoff picks up everything it finds on its way. Remains of paint, grease, oil, gasoline and other chemicals flow through the stormwater right into the soil or a body of water. That contaminates drinking water and harms the health of the people consuming it. Wildlife and aquatic animals get highly affected by polluted water. It's everyone's job to try to minimize stormwater pollution. You can make an enormous difference by avoiding dumping chemicals into the ground or storm drains.

A great and fun idea to help minimize stormwater pollution is to start a rain garden. Pick a lower area of your yard and plant vegetation; it can be anything from vegetables to native plants. A green area will help stormwater to infiltrate naturally into the soil, causing less water runoff.

An easy way to make a difference is by ensuring your storm drainage system works correctly and preventing anything besides water from getting to the soil and bodies of water. For storm drain maintenance in Miami, FL, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We've been in the business for 40 years; we take our work seriously and are glad to assist you with anything you need. Guaranteeing client satisfaction is our main priority.


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