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Commercial Septic Tank Maintenance in Miami

A commercial sewage treatment plant is a large-scale sewage treatment plant capable of managing wastewater and sewage generated from commercial developments such as hotels or schools. That's why we'll discuss the importance and benefits of commercial septic tank maintenance in Miami.

A commercial septic system is installed where no main public sewer is available for development. In this situation, as septic tank service Miami explains, a commercial septic system is the only method of treating the sewage and wastewater generated on-site. It can also be installed in situations where there is a main public sewer accessible to a development site, but the existing sewer cannot deal with the sewage and wastewater that the new development will generate.

How does a commercial septic system work?

Septic tank cleaning, as well as commercial septic pumping, is more complex than usual when it comes to commercial septic tanks. Conducting proper commercial septic tank maintenance in Miami is essential since failing to do so can give rise to many problems, such as septic tanks not working correctly and people being exposed to pathogens.


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To deal with these problems, contact professional septic tank cleaners. Here is how we can help you keep your premises efficient and functional:

  • Keep your septic tank clean - Cleaning the septic tanks is a challenging job, especially when it comes to commercial places, and most people find it quite unpleasant. A professional team will ensure that your tanks are thoroughly cleaned because routine maintenance is essential for keeping commercial septic tanks functional and reduces the potential for health risks.
  • Commercial diagnostics and repairs - Septic tanks can face various problems, from the build-up to the stench of clogging. Professional technicians can quickly diagnose the problem and repair the damages. Given the amount of waste that is released into the system every day, your tank will need professional cleaning once in a while.
  • Save you time and money - Dealing with a commercial septic tank requires using commercial-grade diagnostics and cleaning equipment. Hiring a professional can save you a lot of time and money. Our firm has the right technicians with experience who can clean and repair your tank without interfering with your work.
  • Using the camera for inspection - Far more severe problems than clogging or drainage could be brewing inside the septic tank. Our company uses the latest tools and methods to diagnose the problem, such as a waterproof camera for inspecting the pipes. This method has been shown to be highly efficient and provides instant results.
  • Replacing the pumps - The septic tank pumps are an important part of the system. After the solid waste has been separated, the excess water from the septic tank goes out into the drains either by gravity or the pumps. Pumps are more efficient but, like everything else, are prone to wear and tear. Replacing the pumps is critical for keeping the whole system efficient.

Benefits of Maintaining your Commercial Septic System

After a septic tank installation in Miami, FL, it is advisable to do frequent checks. Maintenance is crucial to keep commercial septic tank systems working correctly, which means toilets flush right, water flows easily, and you don't experience any unpleasant odors. Moreover, it is less likely you'll have to spend money repairing costly damage, especially when it's too late. Pipe obstructions lead to severe damage to the whole septic system; maintaining them helps to anticipate any significant problem. 
Inspection is another thing to consider when talking about commercial septic tank service. Otherwise, problems at the main septic system may occur and cause environmental damage. That happens because of the number of fats, oils, and grease (FOGs) that go through the pipes, which is higher than the number of solids you can find at a residency. Without cleaning and pumping, the accumulation of solids builds a huge layer that can block the pipes, causing an overload of the tank and not allowing the water to flow normally.

Ways to Maintain Your Septic System

It is easy to extend the life of the septic system; it is just a matter of being cautious. Here are some ways to maintain your commercial septic tank service:

  • Inspection - As we've just said, regularly checking your septic tank can ensure your peace of mind. We always suggest having a maintenance schedule, so you remember when was the last time you had a commercial septic tank pumping or commercial septic tank cleaning.
  • Fats, oils, and grease - Also called FOGs, are always present in the septic system, even when we do not realize it because they get washed from the dishes in a liquid state, but in the septic tank, they become solid. The amount increases when talking about a commercial septic system where water use is higher; therefore, more solids might go through the pipes.
  • Paying attention to what goes in it - Keeping the septic system clean means watching what goes through it. Make sure to dispose any significant food waste in a trash can; the more of it gets in the septic system, the quicker the pipes get blocked. 
  • Checking the trees - Tree roots and drain fields or septic systems should not be close to each other; their roots may disturb the entire installation, cause damage and even break the pipes. If you plant trees close to the system, try them to be straight root ones.
  • Keeping cars away - Another thing to consider is parking. It is dangerous for drain fields and septic tank systems to be exposed to cars that drive or park on the septic tank drain field; it is more probable to damage the infrastructure.

Commercial Septic System maintenance tips

Among all the items described above, there are still things to consider to prolong the life of commercial septic systems. One of them is the administration of water; using water efficiently not only helps with your water bill but also with the environment. Water waste can be easily controlled if we regularly inspect our taps and toilets and educate people to be more conscious about water use.
Investing in efficient toilets, urinals, and taps can help you monitor septic systems at a commercial property. It is possible to install toilets that do not require too much water per flush, so in this way, you can control the amount of water it's used and not waste. Same with faucets, it is advisable to have automatic ones rather than manual ones so you avoid people to forget closing them.
In case you are already in trouble with your septic system, you can always contact our emergency septic tank cleaning
Another way is to educate employees and customers to be conscious about what goes through the toilet; a good rule of thumb is not to flush plastic bags, diapers, and feminine hygiene products. Pipes are blocked because of fasts, oils, and grease, so imagine what huge plastic and cotton products can produce. They can quickly obstruct the pipes and cause a flood, increasing the possibility of damaging the commercial septic tank service.
Another essential thing to check at the commercial property is the inspection of leaks and whether the toilets need to be repaired or not. The excess water can also overload the septic tank. Overloading the tank occurs when there is wastewater into the septic tank flowing faster than the tank's holding capacity, which can also lead to water contamination. Repairing any damage as soon as possible helps you avoid water waste and future damage in commercial septic systems.

Commercial Septic Tank maintenance in Miami, FL

Taking care of septic services by not flushing solids or monitoring water waste is the only help we can provide on our own. Still, it is necessary to hire professionals who can do deep commercial septic tank cleaning or grease trap cleaning. These are processes that must be done with heavy equipment and certified people; for commercial septic tank pumping, we use vacuums that can do the job efficiently and fastly. There is no need to wait until the damage is already done. You can anticipate by doing frequent inspections so the maintenance can be done when it should be.

Commercial Septic Tank Service in Miami, FL

Storm drain cleaning and grease trap cleaning in Miami are also part of our commercial Septic Tank service. Ensuring your whole septic system functions properly is our job; it is just a matter of getting in touch with us. We have operated since 1946 as a family-owned and operated Sewer & Septic Company. Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction, so we focus on doing our job efficiently, we follow all Florida regulations regarding Septic System installation, repair, and cleaning, and we are certified to do this job. Our team is ready for every emergency septic tank cleaning, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


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